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Tower Painting

Temco has been involved in tower painting since 1994. With over 1500 towers refurbished, Temco is one of the leading tower painting organisations in Australasia.

Temco have operated in conditions varying from urban and city centres, tropical and desert climates in Australia, to the sub-arctic National Parks of south New Zealand. In all cases, Temco has committed to meeting the unique environmental challenges of each region.

Temco staff are trained to deal with the proximity of live conductors. This includes the use of observers for close approach where necessary.

The painting process includes:

  • Air assisted wet abrasive cleaning (with garnet) to remove corrosion and surface contaminates to NACE VIS 9/SSPC-VIS 5.

  • Wash to remove abrasive, contaminates and surface salts.

  • Application of a zinc rich coating to bare steel.

  • Application of undercoat and topcoat, or as to manufacturer’s specification.


Temco are experienced in the use of zinc rich, vinyl, epoxy, 1 and 2 part coatings.

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